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The ebb and flow of blogging.

So here I sit, cider in hand, a sick puppy peeping at me from her bed in front of the TV and me with my beloved laptop, finally getting around to writing something on my neglected blog. The same old thing keeps coming back to me  - 'What if no one wants to read what I have to say? What if it's not compelling enough? What if, after 6 long years tapping away on my keyboard, it's finally time for my curtain call? 

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What Skin Needs: Australian skincare at its best

Australian skincare has always been a fascination of mine. As a country, it has such diverse native species that, in terms of flora, is often utilised in their skincare brands their unique medicinal properties. Designed with skin prone to acne, eczema or irritation in mind, What Skin Needs have created products that suit me down to the ground. I would classify my skin a dry/combination but extremely sensitive - it honestly feels like it’s on edge most of the time, waiting for something minute to set it off.

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Frivolous but fab: BKR

I grew up on bottled water in Hong Kong because tap water, at least when we first got there, was over treated and tasted like the shallow end of your local swimming pool - not nice. However, when I moved back to the UK for university, I just couldn’t get back into drinking the British tap water. I know it sounds stupid and trivial, and that’s because it is, but I would find myself avoiding it to the point that I would get seriously dehydrated almost daily. I came up with the excuse that I could buy bottled water as my one ‘thing’ - I hardly drink alcohol, I don’t smoke, so I can treat myself to bottled water.

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Time to banish the 'just in case' sentiment from my wardrobe

I've always been a *tiny* bit of a hoarder; not so bad as to be featured on one of those TLC shows where they find dead cats buried under a shoulder-height pile of knitting magazines, but I'm definitely one to keep things 'just in case'. Luckily, moving around a lot means that I have had to be that bit more selective with my possessions, but as many of us know too well, you'll fill as much space as you have. 

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Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipsticks

I’m not usually one to write a single product/like review, but the new Rouge Velvet Lipsticks from Bourjois have really impressed me - not an easy feat after 10 or so years of being fully immersed in the beauty community. Now before we get down to the good bit, let’s get the disclaimers out of the way. Yes - I did receive this line complementary for review, however, I have no obligation to write any rave review about these lipstick, I’m just genuinely really impressed by them. 

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A look at my Kindle library

Growing up, I only really read during the summer holidays. Being forced to read a huge pile of novels for school every year meant that for the most part, reading was more of a chore than a pleasure. University wasn't much better; having studied languages, politics and literature wrapped up into one meant that I had more reading than I could manage most of the time, so again reading for the fun of it was pushed into the background.

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3 products to make your life that bit easier

I like a good shortcut - who doesn’t? Present me with a handy hack or a time-efficient tool and I will absorb it into my lifestyle quicker than you can sputter the words ‘lazy bugger’. As a lover of both technology and efficiency alike, I’ve managed to find a few products that have been working hard to make my life infinitely better, and I thought I’d share some of those with you lot today (and you say I never treat you!!)

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Bamboozled by 'lip toppers'

A few weeks back the metallic/glittery lip trend caught my eye and since then I've made it a personal mission of sorts to get my hands on everything shiny (magpie alert!) Whilst on my search, the same two terms kept coming up: lip topper and lip top coat, and I thought to myself "ah, like a holo nail top coat or something, how genius - why hasn't anyone thought of this before?" But they have. They're called lip glosses.

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What's in my 'blogging box'?

Creating the perfect photo is an art in itself, before you even pick up the camera or launch photoshop. Amongst the other hundreds of roles that a blogger takes on when creating their personal brand, art direction is a skill that develops over time through experimentation and constant pushing of your limits to see just how far you can take certain concepts.

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Non-beauty favourites: June 2017

June has been ALL about Melodrama by Lorde for me. In an age where we can pick and choose individual songs to our heart’s content, I preordered her WHOLE album. I think this is the first time I’ve ever done this - I loved Pure Heroine and the pre-released singles from Melodrama so much that I blindly offered up my money, and boy, did Lorde deliver. I can just tell that I’ll be playing Melodrama for years to come.

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2 Minute Review: Jeffree Star Skin Frost in Princess Cut

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, Jeffree Star is known for his bright and bold personality that is perfectly personified in his OTT cosmetics line. Never one to be dull, his Skin Frost highlighter collection is like nothing currently on the market, but as I’m not quite as brave as I like to think I am when it comes to makeup, I chose one of the more subtle shades, Princess Cut, as an introduction to the wacky world that is JS. 

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On being an introverted blogger

Blogging was initially thought to be the ultimate introverted activity; a virtual diary in which to share personal thoughts on a plethora of topics - whatever tickled your fancy really. It was this way for a fair amount of time, long before the takeover of the beauty blogger, but soon enough social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram started to take off and what was once an introvert’s hobby soon transformed into an industry that very heavily depends on being loud and proud, for lack of a better phrase.

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MAC palette of the mo'

As with many young adults that grew up with the newly popular YouTube and all of its tantalising makeup collection and tutorial videos, I have far too many MAC eyeshadows for my own good (I blame the likes of JuicyStar07, AllThatGlitters21 and DulceCandy87) Flash forward five or so years and I'm left with three or four palettes full of beautiful eyeshadows who deserve a more loving and caring owner but instead are left to gather dust.

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Time to start again

A few weeks ago I turned 24. My sister suggested that I start working towards a goal, which resulted in my sisters, my mum and I signing up for a 5K race for life event on my birthday in Regents Park. “What a nice way to start a new year,” I thought to myself, and that sparked an idea. I’ve been hoarding posts for a while now with no definite date to release any so I decided to finally give myself a date, and that date is today.

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A dream trip: The Maldives

Just a little photo diary from my time in the Maldives. I was staying at the Constance Halaveli with my family. It was utterly mesmerising, but instead of mumbling on about it, I thought I'd let the photos speak for themselves. If you have any questions, just let me know! 

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3 ways you can use your 'My Little Box' bags

I've always been a bit of a hoarder. Not one of those yoghurt lid collectors that end up drowning in their own filth, but the kind of person that often says to themselves 'I might need that' and adds yet another trinket to their endless pile of bits and bobs. Surprisingly, that means that I have rather a lot of items lying around that may not be all that useful.

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It's been a while...

My, my, my, it's certainly been a while, hasn't it? I'll spare you the boring ramble about how I lost all motivation and inspiration and then Christmas happened and then meh. That's all you need to know - thrilling, non? As I'm growing as a human being my opinions and preferences are changing with me and I've finally figured out that I can no longer blog like I did 5 years ago, it simply doesn't make sense anymore.

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