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Lipgloss for lipgloss haters

I've always hated wearing things on my lips. For some reason, I find it hard to feel comfortable unless my lips are completely bare, and as a beauty lover, this has often been restricting. Slowly but surely over the years I've been able to introduce more and more lip products to my routine, but there's still one thing that I cannot tolerate, and that is sticky gloopy lip gloss.

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#Palegirls: Contouring #2

Bienvenida to one of my favourite series on I.R. - #Palegirls - where I recommend some of my favourite products to compliment the fairer-skinned amongst us. Obviously, these posts aren't going to be directly useful for all of you, but do keep in mind that these are gorgeous products regardless of your skin tone, so be sure to check any of them out if they tickle your fancy, as many will come in more appropriate shades for your skin tone!

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