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CBD and Anxiety - My impressions

Anxiety has been a constant presence in my life. From separation anxiety to agoraphobia, I’ve spent 25 years plagued by panic attacks and debilitating fears that have stopped me living my life to the fullest, always full of nervous energy over what it will morph into next. Both medication and therapy have been hugely helpful, but having accepted that it’s always going to be a condition that I’m going to struggle with in one way or another, I’m always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to provide relief.

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Mental Health and Me

The last few months have certainly brought a lot to light for me. I’ve witnessed my strength and my weakness, my fragility as a human being and the insane twists and often unpredictable turns of the human mind. They have taught me a lot too; about myself, about the intricacies of mental illness and about the unnoticed plight of those around us who struggle with different diseases and disorders that often go undiscussed.

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Why we all need to keep talking about mental health

Growing up, I genuinely thought I was a freak (don’t we all?) because I was very different from all of my friends. I know we all go through feelings of uncertainty, feeling like we don’t quite belong, but this wasn’t a case of growing pains or mistaken identity. Unknown to both myself and my family for years, I was suffering with bouts of severe anxiety. Unfortunately for me it was always mislabelled as home sickness or even being overly dramatic, but I knew that something was seriously wrong with me.

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5 things you can do today to broaden your horizons

Forming and sticking to habits and routines is part of our nature. As humans, we find safety in familiarity and, although that once served as a survival tactic way-back-when, we still tend to stick to what we know. These days, however, many of us still seem to cling to the familiar, rarely ever venturing out of our comfort zone in order to experience something new. The trouble with that is that we often miss out on so much that life has to offer. I think it’s time we change that. Don’t you?

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