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Time to banish the 'just in case' sentiment from my wardrobe

I've always been a *tiny* bit of a hoarder; not so bad as to be featured on one of those TLC shows where they find dead cats buried under a shoulder-height pile of knitting magazines, but I'm definitely one to keep things 'just in case'. Luckily, moving around a lot means that I have had to be that bit more selective with my possessions, but as many of us know too well, you'll fill as much space as you have. 

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M&S - A plus sized girl's saviour

Despite the ever-improving variety of clothing on the market that caters for those who don't necessarily fit the norm, embracing fashion trends as a plus size girl has never been easy. For months I've been scouring all the stores and a good portion of the interweb to find a bralette in a size that would be able to contain a decent portion of my chest area, which granted, is a mighty task in itself.

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