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On being an introverted blogger

Blogging was initially thought to be the ultimate introverted activity; a virtual diary in which to share personal thoughts on a plethora of topics - whatever tickled your fancy really. It was this way for a fair amount of time, long before the takeover of the beauty blogger, but soon enough social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram started to take off and what was once an introvert’s hobby soon transformed into an industry that very heavily depends on being loud and proud, for lack of a better phrase.

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Time to start again

A few weeks ago I turned 24. My sister suggested that I start working towards a goal, which resulted in my sisters, my mum and I signing up for a 5K race for life event on my birthday in Regents Park. “What a nice way to start a new year,” I thought to myself, and that sparked an idea. I’ve been hoarding posts for a while now with no definite date to release any so I decided to finally give myself a date, and that date is today.

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If I got offered a book deal…

As is quite common these days in the vlogging/blogging community, book deals are being handed out left and right to anyone who publishers consider to have a vast enough audience. Estée Lalonde, Zoella, FleurDeForce, Deliciously Ella - I could go on for days listing the latest ‘internet celebrities’ to sign their own deal.

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What moving around has taught me

When you say the word ‘home’, many have a clear-cut image in their mind - whether it be cooking in the same kitchen with their mother as they have all their lives, the friends they’ve made in years gone by, or their favourite little coffee nook in their hometown. ‘So, where do you consider home?’ has been a question that have come up again and again throughout my lifetime, and one that I’ve never really been able to answer. See, I've moved around a bit and consider myself to be what is called a Third Culture Kid…

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