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Non-beauty favourites: June 2017

June has been ALL about Melodrama by Lorde for me. In an age where we can pick and choose individual songs to our heart’s content, I preordered her WHOLE album. I think this is the first time I’ve ever done this - I loved Pure Heroine and the pre-released singles from Melodrama so much that I blindly offered up my money, and boy, did Lorde deliver. I can just tell that I’ll be playing Melodrama for years to come.

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MAC palette of the mo'

As with many young adults that grew up with the newly popular YouTube and all of its tantalising makeup collection and tutorial videos, I have far too many MAC eyeshadows for my own good (I blame the likes of JuicyStar07, AllThatGlitters21 and DulceCandy87) Flash forward five or so years and I'm left with three or four palettes full of beautiful eyeshadows who deserve a more loving and caring owner but instead are left to gather dust.

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Recently loving...

By Terry Crayon Kohl Terrybly Couleur Intense Precision Liner in Gold (£28.60): I never realised how ridiculously expensive this liner is, so boy am I glad that I got it in October's My Little Brooklyn Box. As you'd expect for something at this price point, it glides on effortlessly and really stays put once applied. If it was even £10 cheaper then I'd be interested in buying another shade, but I'm afraid I'm not made of money, ByTerry. 

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M&S - A plus sized girl's saviour

Despite the ever-improving variety of clothing on the market that caters for those who don't necessarily fit the norm, embracing fashion trends as a plus size girl has never been easy. For months I've been scouring all the stores and a good portion of the interweb to find a bralette in a size that would be able to contain a decent portion of my chest area, which granted, is a mighty task in itself.

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Some beauty favourites...

My my, hasn't it been a while since I did a beauty favourites post? Things have been pretty low key around here thanks in no small part to my unemployment, so let's just say that there hasn't been much makeup worn. However, when I have been dressing up, say for an interview or a day up in London, I've been hitting up some old favourites to give me that gorgeous summer glow...

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Lipgloss for lipgloss haters

I've always hated wearing things on my lips. For some reason, I find it hard to feel comfortable unless my lips are completely bare, and as a beauty lover, this has often been restricting. Slowly but surely over the years I've been able to introduce more and more lip products to my routine, but there's still one thing that I cannot tolerate, and that is sticky gloopy lip gloss.

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