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A purse-friendly eyeliner to rule them all

I’ve been wearing eyeliner for the best part of a decade, so let’s just say I’m a veteran when it comes to adorning my eyes with anything from the deepest, darkest black to the brightest, boldest aqua that money can buy. For a long time I was loyal to MAC’s Stubborn Brown liner - a rich, chocolatey brown that defined and complimented my blue eyes without being as harsh as black against my pale skin.

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Bamboozled by 'lip toppers'

A few weeks back the metallic/glittery lip trend caught my eye and since then I've made it a personal mission of sorts to get my hands on everything shiny (magpie alert!) Whilst on my search, the same two terms kept coming up: lip topper and lip top coat, and I thought to myself "ah, like a holo nail top coat or something, how genius - why hasn't anyone thought of this before?" But they have. They're called lip glosses.

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