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How I plan out Instagram content


Oh Instagram, you wily temptress - how I spite thee. I love you so much yet you continually disappoint me with your backwards algorithms and your questionable updates. Despite my desperate one-sided love affair, I simply can’t seem to let Instagram go. I'm a visual person, I always have been, so the natural attraction is strong. I'm not loyal to the brand, but the concept; if another app came along with the same emphasis on aesthetics then I would jump ship quicker than you can say ‘cheese’, but with Facebook’s embargo over social media at the moment, I doubt that an alternative app will be squeezing itself into the market anytime soon. 

Rather than sit in wallow at my appalling insta stats and wondering where it all went wrong, I’ve decided to embrace the challenge not of creating an Instagram ‘theme’, per say, but more of an aesthetic style when it comes to my photography and how I chose to arrange my grid. After asking fellow bloggers and Instagrammers (is that a word?) alike how they plan their content, I decided to come up with my own fuss-free method of both planning out and scheduling my Instagram content. Fancy seeing how I do it? Keep reading...

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Step 1: Edit your photos

This bit is pretty simple - import your photos and get them looking sharp in whatever way you please. I usually try to stick to a similar 'look' with all of my photos so that they sit together cohesively, but that is totally up to you. 

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Step 2: Find an app that you can use to try out different layouts

Personally, I prefer to edit and schedule on my computer to avoid filling up my phone with multiple copies of large image files. I use PicFrame on my Macbook but if you do prefer to plan content on your phone, you can use their mobile app or over programs like A Colour Story or UNUM. This is great for imitating your insta grid and allows you to play around and find out which order you want to schedule your photos in.

When arranging my photos, I like to balance colours, themes and products out as much as I can. I try not to put the same/similar backgrounds next to each other and not to post about the same product/set of products one after the other. I know I'm not explaining this very well, but hopefully my examples at the end of the post will help!

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 10.53.51.png

Step 3: Save your grid for future reference + inspiration

After I've settled on a grid layout, I like to save the file for future use as I often find them useful to look at when I'm arranging photos later down the line. 

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Step 4: Use your finished template to schedule your Instagram posts

Then comes the easiest part - scheduling them. Once I've decided on a final layout for my batch of photos, I use a scheduling app like Buffer or Hootsuite to post my photos in the correct order. 

And there you have it - my quick guide to planning out Instagram content! I haven't covered actually taking the photos in this post (mainly because a lot of the time I just wing it!) but if that is something that you'd like to hear about then give me a shout.

I hope this has been helpful <3

Some of my past Instagram grids...