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Holiday Shimmer with Sienna X


If there's one time of year where it is totally acceptable to quite literally glow, sparkle and shine, New Years Eve would be it. Luckily for both shimmer novices and enthusiasts alike, the Sienna X Instant Glitz Cracker in Gold * provides you with a surprisingly wearable and non-sticky Shimmer Spray that can be used on not only your body but also your clothes, which makes for a rather festive look indeed. In the cracker, you also get a generous sample of the Sienna X Gradual Glowing Self Tan which has been the receiver of countless good reviews and praise all round. 

Sienna X Instant Glitz Cracker in Gold - £4.95 

As a self-confessed fake tan virgin (apart from a brief and highly disastrous dabble with some Dove gradual tan many moons ago) I was a tad apprehensive about giving this product a go, but luckily it turned out to be a fairly successful venture. My first worry was about my naturally pale complexion - I didn't want to come out with legs like an oompa loompa whilst my upper half remained a stark, porcelain white. Luckily, due to the gradual nature of the tan, this wasn't the case - although the result was still fairly noticeable to someone who isn't used to having a tan. My second concern came in the form of my horrendously dry, reptilian-like legs, which I was certain were going to leave me with great patchiness and streaks alike. However, this formulas is actually incredibly moisturising, meaning that giving my legs a good ol' scrubbing beforehand kept the patchy nightmares at bay. 

As for the colour and smell, the shade of tan looked pretty natural (no tango here!) and could very well be convincing when trying to keep a tan topped up. As I'm obviously a complete novice, I didn't get a perfect application, but the result wasn't half bad either - I'd almost go as far as to say that I was quite proud of myself! The smell is fairly inoffensive too - none of that digestive biscuit smell that fake tan is so well known for. 

So, take a nice and fairly natural fake tan and add some sparkle and I'd say you're NYE ready! Of course, this won't appeal to everyone out there, but it's definitely a set worth mentioning to those who love a bit of winter glitz and glam. Although it hasn't convinced me to start self-tanning, I will say that I was fairly impressed with Sienna X's offering, and if the day ever comes where I might turn to the tanned side, this would be at the top of my list.

Have you tried anything from Sienna X before? Let me know what you thought!

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