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A purse-friendly eyeliner to rule them all

I’ve been wearing eyeliner for the best part of a decade, so let’s just say I’m a veteran when it comes to adorning my eyes with anything from the deepest, darkest black to the brightest, boldest aqua that money can buy. For a long time I was loyal to MAC’s Stubborn Brown liner - a rich, chocolatey brown that defined and complimented my blue eyes without being as harsh as black against my pale skin.

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What Skin Needs: Australian skincare at its best

Australian skincare has always been a fascination of mine. As a country, it has such diverse native species that, in terms of flora, is often utilised in their skincare brands their unique medicinal properties. Designed with skin prone to acne, eczema or irritation in mind, What Skin Needs have created products that suit me down to the ground. I would classify my skin a dry/combination but extremely sensitive - it honestly feels like it’s on edge most of the time, waiting for something minute to set it off.

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Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipsticks

I’m not usually one to write a single product/like review, but the new Rouge Velvet Lipsticks from Bourjois have really impressed me - not an easy feat after 10 or so years of being fully immersed in the beauty community. Now before we get down to the good bit, let’s get the disclaimers out of the way. Yes - I did receive this line complementary for review, however, I have no obligation to write any rave review about these lipstick, I’m just genuinely really impressed by them. 

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Give me back my leave-in conditioner: A rant

Okay, so this rant has been a long time coming and it was never something I intended to make into a blog post, but it's beauty related so why the hell not? Apparently over the last year of so leave-in conditioners have gone 'out of fashion' and have therefore been disappearing off of the shelves in a hasty fashion.

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