Isobel Rose


A spark of inspiration

A painting of mine that I did in high school - sorry, I haven't got my photography mojo back yet :)

A painting of mine that I did in high school - sorry, I haven't got my photography mojo back yet :)

It’s certainly been a while since I’ve even had a slight inclination to write anything online. A tough few months in more ways than one, writing has been, quite frankly, the last thing on my mind - choosing instead to focus on keeping myself sane and, at times, alive. I’ve been battered emotionally and mentally by my own mind and although I don’t want to go into specifics about that just yet, it has certainly helped me to realise what I want to do with this blog. At least sort of, anyway.

I really thought that I had lost all of my passion for blogging. Seven years of sharing online is a big deal, and although I’ve shown different levels of commitment and motivation for this online space, the last year or two have seen me more or less abandon my beloved blog. Blame it on feigning interest, a busy schedule or the inability to string a coherent sentence together, the outcome is the same - blog posts just fell by the wayside. For ages I was so afraid to let go of my beauty ties - the thing that started out this wild online adventure all of those years ago, but I think it’s time to accept that that just isn't who I am anymore. I still love makeup, but I don’t live for it like I used to do. I’ve grown out of that phase and am far more interested in fascinating books, mental health and navigating life as a woman in this day and age. I love having a place to express my opinions and interact with like-minded individuals about things that are really important to me. 

Out of the blue, something quite magical happened last night. Whilst trying to practice my nightly mindfulness blog post idea after blog post idea kept popping into my head, everyone evoking and even more exhilarating rush of excitement than the one previous. I can’t even remember the last time that something like this happened - it must’ve been months, if not a year ago. 

So, here we are. I’m not going to put any pressure on myself but I do have a handful of ideas in mind that I want to pursue. As always, there are a few people who continue to inspire me to write - Chloe Plumsted, Like Neon Love, Daisybutter, Em Clarkson and, most recently, Ida from Around the Ward in 80 Days. Thank you for helping me find my voice again, even if it is but a mere whisper at the moment.