Isobel Rose


A purse-friendly eyeliner to rule them all


I’ve been wearing eyeliner for the best part of a decade, so let’s just say I’m a veteran when it comes to adorning my eyes with anything from the deepest, darkest black to the brightest, boldest aqua that money can buy. For a long time I was loyal to MAC’s Stubborn Brown liner - a rich, chocolatey brown that defined and complimented my blue eyes without being as harsh as black against my pale skin. However, my teenage self was naive. I honestly thought that a bit of smudging here and there was just part of the package that came along with wearing eyeliner, but recently, I have encountered a few truly spectacular eyeliners that really, truly stay put. In today’s post, I’m going to be sharing with you a fantastic, long-lasting liner that is purse-friendly as well as smudge proof. 


The makeup marvel in

question is the Master Drama Pencil Eyeliners from Maybelline, a super soft gel-like pencil liner that goes on like a dream and stays put, no questions asked.

When I first tried one of these out, I will admit that I was unconvinced of its staying power as the pencil was just so damn creamy, but boy was I proven wrong. Within mere seconds the liner had set in place and was still there, crisp and clean, eight hours later.As a girl that is blessed with one hooded and one non-hooded lid (I know, I’m a catch) I can attest that this works flawlessly on both. Where so many ‘long-lasting’ and ‘transfer proof’ liners have let me down in the past, the Master Drama pencils have prevailed and earned an instant spot in my most-loved beauty bag. 

I don’t know what the makeup masterminds at Maybelline did to achieve such wizardry, but I’m impressed. At £4.99 a pop and with a gorgeous selection of colours (seriously, check out the nudes collection!) it would be a crime to not try them out. Go on, I promise you’ll be impressed. 

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