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A look at my Kindle library


Growing up, I only really read during the summer holidays. Being forced to read a huge pile of novels for school every year meant that for the most part, reading was more of a chore than a pleasure. University wasn't much better; having studied languages, politics and literature wrapped up into one meant that I had more reading than I could manage most of the time, so again reading for the fun of it was pushed into the background. Since graduating in 2015, however, I have probably read more books that I have actually chosen to read than I have read during the rest of my life - it's a shame that education actually ended up steering me away from reading rather than encouraging it! 

I'm often asked both in real life and online for book recommendations, and as I've accumulated so many favourites in the last few years, I thought I'd create a whole post dedicated to them so that I can direct people to it in the future (and possibly update as I find new books that I love?) As you may be able to tell from the collection below, I'm quite the historical fiction fan because I love to learn whilst reading - whether it's from reading an interesting biography or a love story set during an interesting time of history - I'm a sucker for finding out more about the world and its history. It's fair to say that you won't find any horrors stories or cold-blooded thrillers here, but if you do take a chance and read one of my picks, I can guarantee that you'll come out the other side having learnt something new!

Some of my favourites...

This is in no way an extensive list but I've tried to include some of my recent favourites as well as ones that I've enjoyed for years. There are some series that I love included above but I've just added the first of any series as to avoid clogging up the list. Please let me know if you do/have read any of these - I'd love to hear what you think, whether in the comments section below or via my Twitter. Also, be sure to leave any recommendations below as I get through books fairly quickly and am always looking for new additions!

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