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What's in my 'blogging box'?


Creating the perfect photo is an art in itself, before you even pick up the camera or launch photoshop. Amongst the other hundreds of roles that a blogger takes on when creating their personal brand, art direction is a skill that develops over time through experimentation and constant pushing of your limits to see just how far you can take certain concepts.

As someone who has been blogging for over 6 years (can you believe it?!) I've seen my photos come on leaps and bounds and a great deal of that has come from not only developing an eye for composition, amongst other photography tricks, but to the props that I've collected over the years to spice up my images. I've decided to share this post today for new and experienced bloggers alike, whether you're just starting out and need some tips, or you've been in the game a long time like me and want some new ideas to help you shake up your photography.


Items in my 'blogging' box...


- Notebooks/pretty stationery/pens

- Nice prints/patterned paper

- Plates/bowls/ring dishes

- Different types of jewellery/hair accessories

- Confetti/petals/fake flowers

- Makeup bags/wallets/clutches

- Coasters

- Fairy lights

- Ribbons and bows

- Technical bits (blue tack, white card etc.)


Pretty photo props...


Some of my favourite places to buy props...

- H&M Home

- Kikki K

- H&M

- Anthropologie


- Oliver Bonas

- Zara Home

- Tiger

Other handy items to have...

- Coffee table books (or anything with a nice cover!)

- Plenty of magazines

- Candles/Scent defusers

- Sunglasses


- Decorative trays/plates/bowls

- Cushions/rugs/bed sheets

- Patterned clothes 


So there you have it - more or less everything that I like to have to hand when I take photos for my blog/social media channels! You can honestly spend as much or as little as you like on your props (I often use patterned t-shirts or dresses for my photo backgrounds!) and a lot of stuff can even be bought in your local supermarket. 

Is there anything I've missed that you guys like to use in your photos? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Isobel x


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