Isobel Rose


Bamboozled by 'lip toppers'


A few weeks back the metallic/glittery lip trend caught my eye and since then I've made it a personal mission of sorts to get my hands on everything shiny (magpie alert!) Whilst on my search, the same two terms kept coming up: lip topper and lip top coat, and I thought to myself "ah, like a holo nail top coat or something, how genius - why hasn't anyone thought of this before?" But they have. They're called lip glosses. Unfortunately, I didn't come to this realisation for a good few days - long enough to purchase a decent amount of these 'mystical' new lip products. Looking back on it now I feel such a fool. I've been well and truly bamboozled by marketing witchcraft despite being heavily involved in the industry for over 6 years, as well as being a true sceptic at heart. 

Despite now owning some beautiful product (I'm looking at you, Jouer Skinny Dip!) they're nothing revolutionary, just lip glosses with a deceptively fancy name. Well played, you devious marketing wordsmiths. Well played.