Isobel Rose


Time to start again


A few weeks ago I turned 24. 

My sister suggested that I start working towards a goal, which resulted in my sisters, my mum and I signing up for a 5K race for life event on my birthday in Regents Park. “What a nice way to start a new year,” I thought to myself, and that sparked an idea. I’ve been hoarding posts for a while now with no definite date to release any so I decided to finally give myself a date, and that date is today. 

I am also in the process of redesigning this whole site (as you can probably tell!), which is a huge job in itself, so you will probably see tweaks here and there over the next month or so. I wanted to get this up ASAP so I still have a million broken links to fix and post thumbnails to update to please bear with me!

I’ve been inspired by a couple of courses I’ve taken over the last few months, in both graphic and web design, which have given me the necessary push to finally give my blog the love it deserves.

Basically, I’m going to start posting again and I guess we'll see where it goes from here!