Isobel Rose


MAC palette of the mo'


As with many young adults that grew up with the newly popular YouTube and all of its tantalising makeup collection and tutorial videos, I have far too many MAC eyeshadows for my own good (I blame the likes of JuicyStar07, AllThatGlitters21 and DulceCandy87) Flash forward five or so years and I'm left with three or four palettes full of beautiful eyeshadows who deserve a more loving and caring owner but instead are left to gather dust. After a recent makeup reshuffle, I decided it was time to give my MAC shadows a bit more attention and decided to start a rotation system of sorts; every so often I will change out the six colours in the above palette and hopefully get more wear out of my less-worn shadows.

At the moment my mini MAC palette contains the following shades:

- Phloof!: my all time favourite highlighter
- Flip: a subtle gold shimmer that works great all over the lid
- Quarry: a nice matte brown, great for deepening the crease
- Patina: an all time favourite sandy shade with a cool undertone
- Sketch: a deep, dark eggplant shade that pairs well with the next colour...
- & Cranberry: a festive shade that I'm still loving in January


At the moment this seems like a pretty good system but I'll guess we'll have to wait and see how often I get around to mixing up the shades...

Are you guilty of neglecting your makeup? Do tell, it might make me feel better!