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Non-beauty favourites: June 2017



June has been ALL about Melodrama by Lorde for me. In an age where we can pick and choose individual songs to our heart’s content, I preordered her WHOLE album. I think this is the first time I’ve ever done this - I loved Pure Heroine and the pre-released singles from Melodrama so much that I blindly offered up my money, and boy, did Lorde deliver. I can just tell that I’ll be playing Melodrama for years to come.

By Lorde



I’ve been a bit slow with my reading over the last month or so because I started a book way back in May which I wasn’t a huge fan of, and being the stubborn bugger that I am, put off reading it rather than admitting defeat. Fast forward a month and I’ve finally given in and moved on. You know I love a historical book, whether fictional or not, and recently I’ve been fascinated by all things WW2, as evident by my last few book choices. In the past few weeks I’ve consumed both ‘Hitler’s Forgotten Children’ by Ingrid Von Oelhafen, an astonishing read about Hitler’s Lebensborn program, and 'Beneath a Scarlet Sky' by Mark Sullivan, a first person account of the Nazi occupation in Milan. The other day I started ‘Caught in the Revolution’ by Helen Rappaport, a book focusing on events a couple of decades before during the Russian revolution in Petrograd. Let me know if you want another ‘reading list’ post where I can go into more details of books I’ve read/are wanting to read.



In my (still) unemployed state I’ve been rewatching a lot of TV shows - mainly Family Guy and Brooklyn Nine-Nine this month - but I’ve also been enjoying The Handmaid’s Tale. Having studied the novel by Margaret Atwood as school, I was waiting in anticipation for this show to hit the UK and have been enjoying it so far. No Big Brother or Love Island for me though - I’ve even muted the relevant hashtags on Twitter!


What non-beauty items have you been enjoying this month?


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