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Feeling like you fit in online

For ages, years even, I felt quite out of the ‘inner blogging circle’; an eager but somewhat lost participant desperate to fit in. I’ve been blogging now for eight years but I’ve never felt worthy or cool enough to approach the big boys, partly due to my fairly small and somewhat stagnant following and partly due to my character. I’ve never been the most confident or naturally outgoing person.

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The four product face

Despite my often insatiable love of all things beauty I more often than not tend to stick to a very basic every day look because, to be honest, most of the time I can’t be bothered. I love cut creases and dewy highlighter as much as the next girl but when it comes to putting my face on in the morning, I often allow myself to indulge in what I consider to be the perfect four product face.

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CBD and Anxiety - My impressions

Anxiety has been a constant presence in my life. From separation anxiety to agoraphobia, I’ve spent 25 years plagued by panic attacks and debilitating fears that have stopped me living my life to the fullest, always full of nervous energy over what it will morph into next. Both medication and therapy have been hugely helpful, but having accepted that it’s always going to be a condition that I’m going to struggle with in one way or another, I’m always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to provide relief.

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Mental Health and Me

The last few months have certainly brought a lot to light for me. I’ve witnessed my strength and my weakness, my fragility as a human being and the insane twists and often unpredictable turns of the human mind. They have taught me a lot too; about myself, about the intricacies of mental illness and about the unnoticed plight of those around us who struggle with different diseases and disorders that often go undiscussed.

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Why we all need to keep talking about mental health

Growing up, I genuinely thought I was a freak (don’t we all?) because I was very different from all of my friends. I know we all go through feelings of uncertainty, feeling like we don’t quite belong, but this wasn’t a case of growing pains or mistaken identity. Unknown to both myself and my family for years, I was suffering with bouts of severe anxiety. Unfortunately for me it was always mislabelled as home sickness or even being overly dramatic, but I knew that something was seriously wrong with me.

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My first 'selfie-shoot'

You know what I'm sick of? Not having a damn boyfriend, pal or even family member who knows how to operate a camera. Seriously - my life would be so much easier with easy access to a trusty amateur photographer that I could just pay with hugs and hot chocolate. Wouldn't that be the dream?

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I've been going at the is for over seven years, and in that time, I've achieved relatively little compared to others who have been blogging for a similar length of time. The thing is, I hate failure - I will do everything I can to avoid it, even if that means giving up. 

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Seven years of Isobel Rose

I know, I know, it's been awfully quiet around here recently. All I can say is that I'm trying to work a few things out at the moment but I'm on my way back to blogging, I'm just juggling a lot at the moment.

Enough of the excuses. Let's get down to the reason for this post's existence. Seven long years ago to this date, I decided to sit down and create a simple little Blogger site to document not only my love for beauty but also to accompany me on a huge journey I was about to embark on; moving to the UK and starting my first year at university.

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A purse-friendly eyeliner to rule them all

I’ve been wearing eyeliner for the best part of a decade, so let’s just say I’m a veteran when it comes to adorning my eyes with anything from the deepest, darkest black to the brightest, boldest aqua that money can buy. For a long time I was loyal to MAC’s Stubborn Brown liner - a rich, chocolatey brown that defined and complimented my blue eyes without being as harsh as black against my pale skin.

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5 things you can do today to broaden your horizons

Forming and sticking to habits and routines is part of our nature. As humans, we find safety in familiarity and, although that once served as a survival tactic way-back-when, we still tend to stick to what we know. These days, however, many of us still seem to cling to the familiar, rarely ever venturing out of our comfort zone in order to experience something new. The trouble with that is that we often miss out on so much that life has to offer. I think it’s time we change that. Don’t you?

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The ebb and flow of blogging.

So here I sit, cider in hand, a sick puppy peeping at me from her bed in front of the TV and me with my beloved laptop, finally getting around to writing something on my neglected blog. The same old thing keeps coming back to me  - 'What if no one wants to read what I have to say? What if it's not compelling enough? What if, after 6 long years tapping away on my keyboard, it's finally time for my curtain call? 

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What Skin Needs: Australian skincare at its best

Australian skincare has always been a fascination of mine. As a country, it has such diverse native species that, in terms of flora, is often utilised in their skincare brands their unique medicinal properties. Designed with skin prone to acne, eczema or irritation in mind, What Skin Needs have created products that suit me down to the ground. I would classify my skin a dry/combination but extremely sensitive - it honestly feels like it’s on edge most of the time, waiting for something minute to set it off.

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Frivolous but fab: BKR

I grew up on bottled water in Hong Kong because tap water, at least when we first got there, was over treated and tasted like the shallow end of your local swimming pool - not nice. However, when I moved back to the UK for university, I just couldn’t get back into drinking the British tap water. I know it sounds stupid and trivial, and that’s because it is, but I would find myself avoiding it to the point that I would get seriously dehydrated almost daily. I came up with the excuse that I could buy bottled water as my one ‘thing’ - I hardly drink alcohol, I don’t smoke, so I can treat myself to bottled water.

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Time to banish the 'just in case' sentiment from my wardrobe

I've always been a *tiny* bit of a hoarder; not so bad as to be featured on one of those TLC shows where they find dead cats buried under a shoulder-height pile of knitting magazines, but I'm definitely one to keep things 'just in case'. Luckily, moving around a lot means that I have had to be that bit more selective with my possessions, but as many of us know too well, you'll fill as much space as you have. 

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